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ComponentsONLY is the global leader in the trade of components for heavy earthmoving machinery.

We source, sell and market new, used and rebuilt OEM and aftermarket components for the earthmoving, mining and construction industries.

Powered by Markets Manager, our online marketplace is the easiest way to buy and sell components, a service complemented by our team of traders.


We specialise in the trade of heavy earthmoving equipment, components and parts. Driven by data, we pride ourselves on going that extra mile to keep you tracking.


Our team work closely with you to identify, appraise and sell stock. Utilising Markets Manager, our proprietary market intelligence platform, we afford our customers an unfair advantage, enabling the efficient and timely trade of assets globally.


Facilitating the global trade of assets, our specialist online marketplaces provide an easy way to buy and sell equipment, components, and parts in one central medium.


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A Fossil Fuel Free Future
A Fossil Fuel Free Future

German mining giant, Liebherr, has been under the pump to keep its ambitious promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ...

Machine vs Machine: Exacavator Emnity
Machine vs Machine: Exacavator Emnity

Mining mammoths Caterpillar, Hitachi and Liebherr manufacture three of the largest excavators in the world...

About ComponentsONLY

ComponentsONLY is the global leader in the trade of heavy earthmoving components. Our team supports users of equipment found in the mining, earthmoving and construction industries, providing them with the ability to buy, sell and source new, used, rebuilt and aftermarket components.
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ComponentsONLY is a proud member of the Independent Equipment Dealers Association (IEDA)

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