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ComponentsONLY Marketplace

About ComponentsONLY

We know heavy earthmoving equipment from the ground up.

Established in November 2014, ComponentsONLY is the global leader in the trade of components for the mining, earthmoving and construction industries.

ComponentsONLY put you in charge of your whole-of-life asset requirements from project ramp up through full production to shut down.

Through our specialist online marketplace, we source, sell and market components for heavy machinery, providing timely solutions when and where you need them. By leveraging component supply chains globally, we focus on the hard-to-find components for a wide range of heavy earthmoving equipment.

With offices in Australia, South America and Central Asia, our specialised marketplaces, proprietary software, and industry expertise allow equipment and inventory to be tracked globally, ensuring our customers' machines are always ready to work.

ComponentsONLY will work with you to provide solutions that increase the continuity of your operations and keep you tracking.


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About ComponentsONLY

ComponentsONLY is the global leader in the trade of heavy earthmoving components. Our team supports users of equipment found in the mining, earthmoving and construction industries, providing them with the ability to buy, sell and source new, used, rebuilt and aftermarket components.
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ComponentsONLY is a proud member of the Independent Equipment Dealers Association (IEDA)

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